I collect bracelets. The archetypal image of the warrior underlies the narrative of my collection. Bracelets are to me both elements of protective armours (wrists are the first to warn me about the imminence of forthcoming negative happenings, be these simply a temperature or a more peculiar sensation; wrists are also the area I caress to fall asleep) and jewels symbolising one’s belonging to a specific kinship: the one we left behind, the one we still pertain to, the one with which we built indissoluble ties. Every bracelet has powers and unique characteristics. Picture a videogame in which you can acquire strengths, weapons and tools upon moving on to a superior level.
My collection tells the stories of my continuous undergoing of rites of initiation. To me, collecting is rooted in animism.


Virginia Sommadossi, marketing manager of Centrale Fies art work space