I am not what is commonly known as a collector. Quite the opposite in fact, I am a great tosser, always ready to get rid of all the superfluous things I know I will not be using. I have being moving often over the past few years and I suppose this is the reason why I bin rather than collect. I do however have a few boxes in which I keep my private stuff and through this project, I have come to realise that I actually do surround myself with the same objects, time and again. I mostly keep things to which I attach particular memories. Memories of good times, mostly ! I love visiting nice places, having great drinks and food. I also place great importance on the aesthetics of things therefore what I do collect besides memorable concerts and exhibitions’ tickets are glass coasters, napkins and menus. Only if they are intended for the client to keep, of course ; it’s not like I nick heavy leather menus.

I have a box, or more precisely, over the years I have ammassed quite a few of them in my basement, and every time I take something home that I like, I keep it on the sidetable near my bed for a while so that I can look at it. This until I reach the point when I feel like cleaning the mess and I then either throw everything away or if it is THAT important, I store it in my collector’s boxes. Every now and then, when I am in need for inspiration or when I need to plan a party, I go through my boxes.


Victoria Ebner, video producer at Ebner Film