I have always been fond of collecting, my passion having progressively grown with the passing of time. I have been collecting postcards, vases, watering cans, scissors, old books on botanics and garden gnomes and will continue to do that. If I am fascinated by an object, I mature a desire for collecting examples of the same kind. It is an internal drive guiding my need to observe, touch, buy, own and hunt for objects at flee markets. It is an everlasting research. I am not methodic or systematic in that I collect for myself and for my own pleasure therefore I do not possess such vast collections as to have amassed an authentic archive. The most moving aspect of it all is that people are aware of my passion and when they come across something they think I might like, they buy it and give it to me as a present. I would call this "relational collecting". To me it is not only the mere object, which counts but above all the bonds it establishes with the people thinking about me, connecting themselves to my own collection. 


Martina Schullian, owner of a plant nursery in Bolzano