C O L L E C T I N G          R E D E S I G N E D          T R A D I T I O N S

Qollezione is about extracting meaning from the fabric of time. Ancestral traditions resurface into the present, details revive forgotten knowledge. Each piece is a wearable recollection of an invisible, worn out past, waiting to be wornanew. Qollezione_01 reinvents the aesthetics of the traditional working apron of South Tyrolean farmers: the “blauer Schurz”. A throwback to a time when farming fashioned identity and fashion identified with life. An ode to longevity, an invitation to wear timelessness.


Qollezione_01 skirt
Qollezione_01 jacket
Qollezione_01 overall
Qollezione_01 trousers
Collezione_01 dress
qollezione_01 dress.jpg
Qollezione_01 jacket 2
Qollezione_01 skirt 2