“To make a collection is to find, acquire, organize and store items, whether in a room, a house, a library, a museum or a warehouse. It is also, inevitably,
a way of thinking about the world—
the connections and principles that produce a collection contain assumptions, juxtapositions, findings, experimental possibilities
and associations. 
Collection-making, you could say, is a method of producing knowledge”.

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Ways of Curating, 2014, Farrar, Straus and Giroux


Collecting is a way to stop time. To retain the image we hold of ourselves at a particular moment of our existence. To extract the form from the essence. To seize the invisibility of history by preserving its material clothing. Qollezione is about giving meaning to the fabric of time. Each collection assembles and gathers figments of two individuals' past by turning them into wearable collectibles for others to make their own. Counteracting the effects of time to increase the value of the present through invaluable traditions. Qollezione invites women to appreciate garments beyond their materiality, to dress themselves with the memories of the past and to wear these on the paths of their future. Collecting as a method of knowing ourselves through the knowledge of the things we possess: this is Qollezione.

Implementing Anna and Fabio’s memories, five women contributed to the enrichment of Qollezione’s visual vocabulary. 
5 women bound to the South Tyrolean tradition, 5 different approaches to collecting, 5 sources of inspiration for Qollezione.