A couple in life and now partners in a new creative (ad)venture, Anna Quinz and Fabio Dalvit launch their own fashion label, Qollezione. Pushing their frenzy of collecting beyond the walls of their love nest, brimming with books, travel mirabilia, Tyrolean paraphernalia and of course clothes, Anna and Fabio transform cloth into clothes and places into fashion pieces.

Qollezione is conceived as a series of independent capsule collections of few pieces each, interpreting the aesthetics of circumscribed geographies. The rural tradition of South Tyrol is of particular inspiration to the couple. Fascinated by the longevity of ritualistic patterns of behaviour and immersed in the fabric of thought handed down to them from the past, Anna and Fabio transpose the cyclicality of farming through the seasonality of fashion by turning sowing into sewing: the change seems minor but innovation hinges on the reinvention of invisible details. From their journeys abroad, the creative directors draw the necessary inspiration for their curated assemblages of woven stories, elegant knits unwinding through the seams of familiar cuts with an unfamiliar edge: South Tyrol meets the world.

Borrowing from the realm of interior design and outdoor life, Qollezione undresses tradition by leaving its cloak hanging in the wardrobe of curiosities. Artisanal tools, organic materials and natural shapes are transmogrified imaginatively in an ode to the art of craft. Each piece is conceived for women willing to build a magical encyclopedia of memories, deriving their essence from contemporary minimalism and animated by an endless potential. Everyday classics that never date but will mellow with age and are destined to become timeless favourites.


Portici 35, 39100 Bolzano, Italy